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public saftey

7522 County Complex Road
Hanover, VA 23069
Non Emergency: 804-365-6140
Emergency: 911
Sheriff Colonel David Hines

SHIELD Project | Awareness through Information Sharing
To Join SHIELD, contact the Sheriff's Office at 804-365-6110 and ask about the SHIELD program.

13326 Hanover Courthouse Road
Hanover, VA 23069
Non Emergency: 804-365-6195
Emergency: 911
Chief Jethro Piland

Community Briefings from the Crime Prevention Office

Investigators Seek to Identify Larceny Suspect - February 19, 2019

Click here for details and description of suspect.

HCSO Issues a SCAM Alert

The Hanover County Sheriff’s Office is making the public aware of another, but similar, phone scam. A male subject has been calling citizens and falsely claiming he is with the Hanover County Sheriff’s Office. Furthermore, he is identifying himself as a member of the “Hanover County Sheriff’s Department’s Civil and Criminal Warrant Division.” He is telling the call taker that they have missed “Federal Grand Jury.”

Please know that this is a SCAM. The Hanover County Sheriff’s Office does not have a “Civil and Criminal Division.” These criminals will prey on unsuspecting citizens and even spoof county telephone numbers to attempt to legitimize their call. If you ever have any question as to the identity of a caller representing themselves as an employee of the Sheriff’s Office or any other reputable organization, please contact the Hanover County Sheriff’s Office immediately.

The Sheriff’s Office will never call our citizens and leave messages about them missing “Federal Grand Jury.” If you are a victim of a recent scam related to this particular event, please contact the Hanover County Sheriff’s Office at (804) 365-6140.

7522 County Complex Road, Hanover, VA 23069 | 804-365-6110 | www.hanoversheriff.com

Contact: Sgt. Chris Stem| 804-365-3135 | 804-839-3491 | cjstem@hanovercounty.gov


9097 Atlee Station Road, Suite 117, Mechanicsville VA 23116

804-442-2093 | info@hanoverchamberva.com

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